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Finding periodicity in discrete events II - missions to Mars

Per the Space Exploration SE question Are launch windows to Mars avoided if they result in landings during dust storm season? the synodic period of the relationship between the motion of Earth and ...
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TDoA self-calibration with a single calibration emitter

I've recently asked a similar question aiming at the same problem on Math.SE, for which I've set a bounty. Problem. I have a radio calibration transmitter with known fixed location $\langle t_x, t_y, ...
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Varying phase shift between two signals

I have two microphones separated by a distance d placed in end-fire configuration. Audio input data was played from the front side (i.e corresponding to 0 degrees.) The data picked by microphone1 and ...
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Ultrasonic TDoA / ToA Measurement?

I am trying to make an ultrasonic flowmeter. The device has two ultrasonic tranducers (resonance frequency of about 200kHz) that sample one ultrasonic signal in the upstream directon and then ...
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Blind TDOA Estimation

I am not EE or DSP engineer, however I am working on a project that uses TDOA estimation for location finding. I am able to get the localization algorithm working using cross correlation to estimate ...
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Transceiver for TDoA measurements

Could someone advise me on some module for making the TDoA position system for my research work? I need to have measurements with an accuracy of a few meters. It equals a bandwidth of about 20 MHz. I ...
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Matlab: xcorr: Having trouble when I try to calculate delay between two sinusoids

I have a problem when I try to use Matlab built-in function for cross-correlation 'xcorr'. Background: I created two sinusoids, one of them delayed in time. I choose center frequencies of these ...
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Source Localization with the BLUE Estimator

I'm trying to implement BLUE estimator in MATLAB for source localization and after my research I've come up with a theoretical example in Steven Kay's "Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing: ...
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Determine reflections from received signal

I have a reference signal $r(t)$ and the correlation between that reference signal and the received signal : $C_{XR}(\tau)$. The signal I receive contains reflections on walls. I have to build a ...
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Subsample Time Delay Estimation

Often we need to estimate the time difference of arrival between two signals to find the location of a target. Many algorithms gives the time delay corresponding to a sample number or time delay is a ...
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