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Calculate Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) from FFT Plot

I am new to FFT and currently studying it for harmonic analysis. I have a set of data of inrush currents from the results of simulation involving equipment energization. The data has $N = 40,001$ ...
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Calculating THD vs. Frequency of an Acoustic System using the Exponential Swept Sine Method

I am working on analyzing the total harmonic distortion (THD) vs. frequency curve for an acoustic system. I am aware of the traditional method of exciting the system with a mono-frequency wave and ...
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If add white noise to the signal, how much does the std of the noise affect the thd of the signal?

I'm an electrical department student studying signals and systems. The RMS value of the general AC electrical signal is 6.31V, and the first harmonic value is 6.30932V(rms). (THD is approximately 1.5% ...
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What do the following statements on pages 13 and 15 in this linked document mean? DNL, a static specification, relates to SNR, a dynamic specification. INL is a static specification and relates to ...
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Determining SINAD from measured data

I would like to determine the SINAD of a distorted signal from a measurement and have troubles to get consistent data. The problem is (at least to my understanding) that I only have a very limited ...
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Why is my fundamental frequency at the 15th harmonic order

I am trying to implement a code in MATLAB to show harmonic content and order in Matlab. my fundamental is supposed to be at harmonic order 1, however the ouput plot I am getting is wrong and I am ...
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Measuring THD using consumer sound card

I am trying to measure (estimate) THD of an audio path using a consumer sound card. The idea is that I do two measurements, one without the system being measured in the path and one with it: ...
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Total Harmonic Distortion THD for the rectifier

I have a circuit with rectifier and this cause the non-linearity and consequently harmonic. I show it on the oscilloscope and then collect the signal from the oscilloscope to the computer by using the ...
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Are Total Harmonic Distortion and Noise (THD+N) and THD correlated in practice?

I've read about THD and THD+N due to interest in audio quality. Some audio devices (ej. speakers) report %THD or %THD+N. %THD+N is greater than %THD. I've found that sometimes the difference is huge, ...
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Optimal amplitude of an $m$-bit sinusoid

A continuous-time sinusoid of zero-to-peak real amplitude $A \le 2^{m-1}-0.5$ (e.g., for $m=16$, $A \le 32767.5$) is quantized to $m$-bit resolution by rounding it to the nearest integer (Fig. 1). ...
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