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$Z$-transform of a multilinear function/ consecutive multplication of $k$ signals $y_1(n), \ldots, y_k(n)$

How should one go about calculating the $Z$-transform of a signal that is the multiplication of $k$ signals (i.e. a multilinear function with regards to signals $y_1(n) \ldots y_k(n)$ ? Namely, $\...
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Understanding the concept of semi-blind receivers

In the book "Signals and Images: Advances and Results in Speech, Estimation, Compression... ", an overview of using tensor analysis in signal processing is given. On page 243 it is explained that an ...
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Apply Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for RGB Images

I've implemented a method to compute PCA on grayscale images. I haven't seen PCA on RGB images yet, which left me wondering if it is possible to perform it. With RGB images, is PCA done for each ...
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Determining the pattern direction of a bitmap image

How can I obtain average direction of the pattern shown in the figure below. It is the direction of the red arrow relative to the yellow (horizontal) line. Any ideas for an approach? I couldn't figure ...
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Is video considered a Tensor?

A sampled single dimensional signal is a vector. A sampled image is a matrix. Is video considered a rank-3 tensor since it is a set of images stacked on top of each other?
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