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Digital Signal Processing education consists in the practice of teaching and learning Digital Signal Processing, along with the associated research. Research in Digital Signal Processing concerns the tools, methods and approaches that facilitate the practice of Digital Signal Processing or the study of this practice.

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Audacity vs MATLAB/pyhton for basic signal processing concepts? [duplicate]

Use of "Audacity"for teaching undergraduate labs of digital signal processing for electrical engineering students? My above realted linked question has got some good answers. Traditionally ...
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How can I build something, like actual implementations of all these things I am learning in signal processing?

I am an undergraduate electronics engineering student taking a signal processing course this semester. I have learned a lot of theoretical things in my lectures, such as how to shift or fold a signal, ...
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What's a good way to draw signals and systems diagrams as an instructor?

I'm a TA for an undergraduate signals and systems class. As part of my job, I need to prepare some homework problems. My co-instructors use Microsoft PowerPoint to make the diagrams, but I find it ...
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How to effectively teach topic of frequency domain?

This is a soft question. The frequency domain has made revolution in the field of Mathematics, Digital Signal and Image Processing etc. Some of concepts which are very difficult to analyse in spatial ...
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