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Questions tagged [synchrosqueezing]

Reassignment method for focusing time-frequency representations, summing contributions according (mainly, but not limited) to instantaneous frequency. Used for EMD-like component extraction per (amplitude & frequency) modulation model. Is invertible.

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Synchrosqueezing of frequency-wavenumber spectrum

I am bigenner to signal processing. I am working on improving frequency-wavenumber spetrum obtained from multisensors sound data. I read about Synchrosqueezing as a technique widely used to compensate ...
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Integrating CWT around nominal frequency with amplitude and phase

I have a real signal f sampled at 96Hz composed of clusters of harmonics scattered tigthly around evenly central frequencies close to 1Hz and 2Hz (multiples of 0.966Hz) that I'll call features. These ...
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Why are wavelet transforms implemented in Python/Matlab often called Continuous wavelet transform when they take discrete-time input?

The implementations of Synchrosqueezing wavelet transform in Python (ssqueezepy) and MATLAB both write in their documentation that they implement the synchrosqueezing algorithm on the Continuous ...
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Interpretation of wavelet trasformation (synchrosqueezing)

I'm working on a dataset of spectroscopies and i'm classifying them by transforming the 1D signal into a 2D one by the ssqueezepy library. For instance, consider to ...
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Synchrosqueezed STFT phase transform

Synchrosqueezed STFT paper, Synchrosqueezing based Recovery of Instantaneous Frequency from Nonuniform Samples, defines STFT phase transform as: $$ w(u, \xi) = \xi - \frac{\partial_tS_{g}f(u, \xi)}{j2\...
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Why does a synchrosqueezed wavelet transform show oscillating behavior?

This question came up in the context of the ssqueezepy library. As a basic experiment I did compute the synchrosqueezed wavelet transform of three basic signals: A ...
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Synchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform explanation?

How does Synchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform work, intuitively? What does the "synchrosqueezed" part do, and how is it different from simply the (continuous) Wavelet Transform?
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How to Map CWT to Synchrosqueezed wavelet transform?

I don't understand the mapping time-scale plane to the time-frequency plane in synchrosqueezed wavelet transform, i.e. $(3)$. You can find the paper here. For the given signal of $x(t)$ and mother ...
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