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Why does the white noise of a signal diminishes as sampling frequency increases?

I'm trying to understand how oversampling can help to reduce the signal to noise ratio, so I looked this document, and at page 6 it is said that: Along with the input signal, there will be a noise ...
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How to upsample voice properly?

I have a low quality 24 kHz mp3 voice and I'd like to upsample it to 48 kHz for farther mixing with another ...
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Why my signal is so noisy?

I have started analyzing a signal from a MEA experiment that consists of reading from electrodes inserted in a brain slice. Anyway, the signal is sampled at 2 KHz but the readings we have are very ...
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Reversing the order of up and downsampling

When we are dealing with the problem of changing the sampling rate by a noninteger factor like L/M, we first need to the do the upsampling, and then the downsampling. My question is that under which ...
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Why would super resolution using deep learning beat the old school techniques?

I assume a standard/ old school super resolution techniques use Polynomial interpolation and Upsampling approaches. Why would deep neural networks achieve better results?
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Does Higher Sampling Rate Increase SNR?

I have AM demodulated voice samples that come from a 14bit ADC that I will filter, process, and then send to a CODEC. I can choose a sample rate of 96kSPS, 64kSPS, 48kSPS, or 32kSPS at the CODEC. ...
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Effect of aliasing when sampling at higher rate

Considering a signal $f(t)=\sin(2\pi t)$ with frequency $10\textrm{ Hz}$: Middle and bottom plots show the results of sampling at different rates. I'm trying to understand the case shown at the ...
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Perfect reconstruction ( Single Channel )

I was trying to solve the following problem . Given an input x[n], consider upsampling by 2, followed by interpolation with a filter having z-transform H(z) for magnification of the signal. ...
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upsampling by huge factor

Assume i have a discrete signal, which i want to up-sample by factor 100. Up-sampling using poly-phase algorithm sounds like a bad idea, in terms of cache low-efficiency due to low space-locality of ...
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What's the Underlying Algorithm for Detail Preserving Upsampling in Photoshop CC?

The detail-preserving upsampling algorithm in Photoshop CC is truly amazing. It can upscale any image while preserving details in almost real-time. And I truly wonder how it is implemented. I've ...
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Does audio upsampling create noise/artifacts or degrade the signal?

I've read that upsampling performed in digital music playback can color the sound, produce artifacts, etc. For example, an audio file ripped from a CD might be 44.1Khz/16-bit, and then upconverted to ...
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Why need an low pass filter after up-sampling? [duplicate]

I understand why there need an low pass filter before down-sampling, the sample frequency need to be at least twice of the max frequency signal, else there will be ...
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Possibility of temporal super resolution

I've been reading some papers in the context of super resolution in imaging and video (for example works by Michal Irani: Improving Resolution by Image Registration, Space Time Super Resolution from a ...
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Practical Applications of upsampling and downsampling

I'm a complete novice to digital signal processing, and I've started reading a few books on it. In particular, I've run across the concept of upsampling and downsampling. As I understand it, given a ...
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If sampling rate is high does that increase the error or decrease the error?

Suppose we are tracking a computer mouse on the screen, if we increase the frequency of the sampling rate(to very high values) then would that increase the error in getting the exact position of the ...
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Reference for Supersampling

I want to downsample images to arbitrary sizes using supersampling to avoid aliasing effect. The only two good explanations I found were on Wikipedia and, but there are still gaps. ...
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