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Questions tagged [step-response]

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How to determine load cell response to arbitrary temperature changes with known step response(s)

We have a loadcell, the output of which is (naturally) temperature dependent. Under static load conditions, we have observed a dynamic response to temperature changes. Therefore, we did a step ...
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How To Calculate Length Of Sequences And A Suitable N?

I have been struggling to understand how to calculate the length of a sequence and also the minimal N to choose in order to avoid aliasing. Most sources tell me to take the (last non-zero value - ...
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How to recover the LTI system step response by the known output and input signals?

Having the input signal as a step-like pulse and the output as its distorted version after passing through the system: is it possible to somehow recover the step response of the system? In the Figure ...
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Not getting the same step response from Laplace transform and it's respective difference equation

I am trying to simulate a plant on a microcontroller. The transfer function of the plant is $$ G_{p} \left( s \right) = \frac{2}{\left( s + 3 \right) \left( s - 1 \right)} \tag{1} \label{1}$$ The step ...
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How to suppress the strong initial value of the step function response

(Related to: Quick question: I am getting a strong initial value and strong undershoot in the step response. How can I suppress it with the feedback ...
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Fit a harmonic oscilator via step response

Suppose we are studying a dynamic system believed to be well modeled via $$ x'' + \frac bm x' + \frac cm x = \frac Fm$$ $x''$ - acceleration $b$ - damping factor $c$ - spring rate $F$ - external force....
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Poles and zeros from step reponse?

Is there a numerically robust method for calculating the poles and zeros of a discrete-time causal LTI SISO system given its response to a unit-step input? In the specific example I'm working on all ...
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Convolution of Heaviside function with a sinc low pass, is it band limited?

Is the result of convolution of a heaviside function with a sinc low pass with cut off at fc, say 25khz, band limited ((sin(2 x Pi x fc x i))/(Pi x i))? I've been working it out in frequency domain (...
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identifying overshoots in given state space system with step inputs

Suppose I have the following state space system: $$ \dot{x}(t) = Ax(t) + Bu, \quad y(t) = Lx(t), \quad x(0) = x_0 $$ where $A$, $B$ and $L$ are real matrices, $u$ is a constant real vector (so that ...
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Step response of a given input and output (Laplace or Fourier)

I am trying to calculate the step response of the following given: Should I use Laplace transform or Fourier transform?
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How to find response of step function in matlab and plot transfer function?

I have an transfer function: $$\frac{Y(s)}{F(s)} = \frac{s^2+2s+3}{s^4+6s^3+13s^2+12s+9}$$ How can I find $Y(s)$ response of step function if $f(t)=\sin(5t)$ in MATLAB. And how can I plot the transfer ...
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Analyze the transient response of a system

Suppose I have a sytem with the following transfer function : $$H(s) = \frac{N_H(s)}{D_H(s)}$$ I would like a general method which is not dependant on the order of the system to analyze what would be ...
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