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Questions tagged [step-response]

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2 answers

Pade Approximation of dead time

For the time delay $e^{-sT}$ I shall find the Pade Approximation for $M = 0$ and $N = 1$. $f(s) = \sum_i^{\infty} a_is^i \approx \dfrac{\sum_{n=0}^{N} b_is^i}{\sum_{m=0}^{M} c_is^i}$ $e^{-sT} = \...
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1 answer

Relating transfer functions with step responses

Relate the transfer function to its' corresponding step response. First, I tried setting up the poles and zeros of the transfer functions. This helped a bit since I know that $G_A (s)$, $G_B(s)$ and $...
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Is there a linear filter whose step response is an S-curve?

Is there a linear filter whose step-response (or ramp-response) is an S-curve? I think the properties I'm looking for here are (1) time-reversal symmetry, and (2) at least a continuous first ...
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Root Locus, Transfer Functions and Unit Step Response?

Consider the generic feedback loop, and the transfer function $G(s)$ shown by the following root locus plot. Where $\mathbf{x}$ denotes the open-loop poles and $\square$ denotes the closed loop poles....
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