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Steganography refers to the theory and practice of inserting non-noticeable or hidden data within another generally non-secret media (e.g. a file, message, audio, image, video). It aims at remaining unknown to others than the sender or the recipient. It can be used for messaging, security or watermarking.

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ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (194,259,3) (600,800,3) [closed]

I got ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (194,259,3) (600,800,3) with the below code: ...
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How can I insert message bits into the frequency spectrum of an audio signal using Matlab?

I have been trying to use the DSSS spread spectrum technique for audio steganography in MATLAB. I multiplied the PN sequence with the message bits. Now I want to insert this spread message into a ...
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Can I use frequency hopping spread spectrum technique for audio steganography?

I have been trying to use spread spectrum technique for audio steganography. I read a lot about it.But i didn't find any information about the steganography scheme using FHSS(frequency hopping spread ...
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Audio steganography using phase encoding technique

I referred the below papers to understand the working of Phase Encoding,but the explanation is not proper.Just a few steps have been given in brief. Can someone please ...
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Image watermarking in wavelet domain (data hiding in images)

I am working and researching on Image watermarking/steganography and I'm stuck at a point and want to know which technique is better in image processing for data hiding. Bit Plane Complexity ...
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Steganography using wavelet transform — not every wavelet recovering the hidden message efficiently

I'm working on a project to hide simple string inside a 255x255 image using Wavelet transform. The problem is that, When i used Haar Wavelet the result is ...
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DCT Steganograhy

I'm trying to implement a simple steganography algorithm (similar to JSteg algorithm) for hiding data in LSB of DCT coefficients in Matlab, and I ran into a problem. a. I apply DCT. b. modify LSB ...
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JPEG steganography

Aside from Jsteg of Derek Upham, Outguess of Neils Provos, and F5 (improvement of F3 and F4) of Pfitzmann and Westfeld, What other methods can you use in information hiding in JPEG images? The ...
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