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Parse the frequency of mixed square signals

I'm searching for a way to parse a signal that mixes multiple square waves of different frequencies. The intended output is the frequency of each of the mixed square waves. This answer provides an ...
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How to get a single point of the rising edge of a square wave in relation to its time?

I am trying to get data from only 1 point of each rising edge and trying to relate it to 1 point of the sin wave at the same time. Ideally, the middle of the rising edge is where I want the sin wave ...
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Issues with playing and recording a square wave sound on the same PC

I am learning signal processing. For a hobby project I wanted to transmit and record a simple ASK signal via my soundcard, to see if I can write code to recover the sent data. After playback and ...
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the duty cycle in square waves

I've been studying harmonics at school for a while. Speaking of them I discovered that a particular case of harmonic is that of a square wave. I know that this wave is composed of a fundamental and ...
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Measuring rise and fall times, of square wave

I have recorded a square wave with scope(bit, controlling some unit). I want to measure rise/fall time, the time while the bit is on and off using python. I thought of using the 'derrivetive' ...
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Fourier coefficients of discrete difference of a square wave

I have a discrete square wave $f(t)$ where $t \in \mathbb{N}$, of amplitude $A$, period $T$ and duty cycle $1/T$ $$ f(t) = \left\{\begin{matrix} A, & \mathrm{if}\;t=Tn\\ 0, & \mathrm{if}\;t\...
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DFT and perfect reconstruction of a square wave on a digital computer

I know that in theory, when reconstructing a square wave from its Fourier coefficients, unless we have an infinite amount of them, the resulting reconstruction will have Gibbs ringing artifacts due to ...
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How can I generate a time domain square pulse that relies on frequency and not zero centered at MATLAB?

I want to create a square pulse, then use FFT on it. However, this code does not relies on central frequency to generate a pulse, and it is centered at 0 in time and frequency. ...
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Confusing regarding triangular wave vs square wave?

I am reading signal processing first by Mcclellan. In chapter 3, I came across the term "discontinous" as shown underlined in attached photo. Apparently "discontinuous" means having a gap/break but ...
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anti-alias filter of square pulses

I'm trying to determine whether or not an anti-alias filter is needed for sampling square waves. The goal is to sample square wave pulses from a video detector with an ADC, do some time-domain digital ...
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