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What is the best technique for underwater imaging?

I am currently researching what the best method to take underwater images/video is. The papers I have read go into several different methods: Lidar, Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS), optical camera plus ...
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Interpretation of minimum discernible signal (MDS) in sonar equation

I am working on modelling and simulations of synthetic aperture sonar at component/subsystem level. I have started with standard sonar equations for calculating detection ranges for different ...
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Use of USRP SDR to process sonar?

I have ordered a USRP kit to do radio signal processing in software. Is there a way to use the same device to process sonar data? What would I do upconvert the sonar to 50 MHz?
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How a fish sonar is built and signals from sensors processed?

How a fish sonar is built and signals from sensors processed ? There are $50 fish wireless sonars on the market. I would to buy one but need to know how it works, what is a number of sensors and if ...
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How can i identify number of return of the ping in the sonar?

I am writing a fake function which is actually doing active pinging (basically SONAR). I am little confuse here about how to identify the number of sonar return i got ? Let's say i am continuously ...
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How to remove echo/reflected-sound caused by stationary objects when building a ultrasound based radar

I am emitting ultrasound with a speaker and am trying to track moving objects with a microphone array by detecting doppler shifts. I have succeeded to detect movement. However, to detect the direction ...
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Scan shallow water

I need to scan a shower tray with & without the water running to assess the puddling at the drain, then export a point cloud or surface. Sonar & Laser dont seem to be able to deliver, can ...
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