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identification of sounds within audio signals

I am looking for methods to identify sounds within audio files. I was hoping to find some ready-made user-friendly software to do this but haven't found it yet. I am familiar with Matlab and some C++...
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Alone MFCC can identify difference between sound?

I am doing a project to identify different drum beats. There are lots of features like MFCC, Chroma Values, Spectral Bandwidth, Spectral Centroid, Zero Crossing Rate, etc. But most of the projects are ...
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How to classify overlapped signals?

A known signal, signal 1 got overlapped with an unknown signal. Likewise, signal 2 overlapped with another unknown signal. The problem I face now is how to classify the overlapped signals based on the ...
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Wireless Communication: detecting if a bit 0 changed to 1

I am new in wireless communication, and now I have a 0/1 string like 0010000 (only one bit 1) and wanna send it to the receiver wirelessly. Am I able to detect if the receiver get this string ...
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Close embedding similarity issue in Korean speaker verification using X-vector

I'm working on a speaker verification system using X-vector on Korean speakers' data. On unseen data, the system achieves fairly good EER (from 10% to 20%), but I'm encountering a challenge with close ...
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Modelling problem

Considering a finite-length impulse response $h[n]$ of length $M $ (which amounts to considering $h[n] = 0,$ for $n \geq M$). The data model, with additive disturbance, is then written as: $$y[n] = ...
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Is this a FSK signal?

I captured a signal on 433 MHz but I'm not able to build a functioning decoder for it. Is the transmitter using FSK to modulate the signal? Sample: (250k, unsigned 8-bit IQ)
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