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Role of window length and overlap in uncertainty principle?

I am trying to predict epilepsy using spectrograms and a convolutional neural network. So far I have achieved a validation accuracy of 86% which i feel like is pretty good. Lots of the papers doing ...
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Why is Scipy implementation of Hilbert() function different from Matlab implementation of the function?

I am trying to fit Hilbert envelop to a high frequency ultrasonic signal of frequency 250 KHZ and sampling rate 12000000. Raw signal looks like below: . I used hilbert() function from scipy.signal ...
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Scipy resample, "fourier method" explanation

I am seeking explanation of what "Fourier method" is that is described for resampling in documentation of resample() method. I want to downsample an array. I know what decimation is and how it works, ...
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How to implement bandpass filter on complex valued signal?

I am using Scipy to implement bandpass filter but it assumes that positive normalized frequency is passed but I & Q samples range from [Fc-Fs/2,Fc+Fs/2] where Fs is sampling frequency & Fc is ...
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How to generate random samples of Gaussian distribution directly in the frequency domain?

One can easily draw (pseudo-)random samples from a normal (Gaussian) distribution by using, say, NumPy: ...
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Why does python's scipy.signal.dimpulse introduce delay in impulse response?

Consider a simple linear, time invariant system of the form: $y_k = cy_{k-1} + (1-c)x_k$ The impulse response of this system can be computed by either dimpulse or by applying lfilter to a vector ...
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Why the convolution of the impulse response doesn't match the system's output?

If you define an LTI system sys in scipy, you may conveniently feed an input x to it to get its output ...
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Compute minimum phase version of a FIR

I am working with HRIR filters, in particular I am trying to interpolate them. One commod method in the literature to perform interpolation of HRIR is to use the minimum-phase decomposition and ...
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CWT at low scales: PyWavelets vs Scipy

Low scales are arguably the most challenging to implement due to limitations in discretized representations. Detailed comparison here; the principal difference is in how the two handle wavelets at ...
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IIR design: SciPy CMSIS-DSP coefficient format

How do you reconcile Scipy.signal's IIR design with CMSIS-DISP's API? Scipy.signal outputs in one of 3 forms: Numerator/denominator Pole Zero Second-Order-Sections. CMSIS requires an array of length ...
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filtering EEG data with scipy.signal

I have EEG data recorded with a sampling rate of 256 Hz. Each recording contains 19 EEG channels. Other channels (like ECG data) are ignored. The recordings of 10 patients are 20 minutes long each, ...
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High pass filter with specific cut-off frequency

The situation I am trying to apply a high pass filter to a black&white image to enhance the texture by keeping the high frequencies. The goal is to filter from a specific frequency value obtained ...
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Demodulation of FSK signal

What kind of FSK signal is this and what demodulation technique can I use to demodulate it. Why is the phase of the 1's changing like that and how does that effect how it needs to be demodulated. I ...
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Filter design for an unusual EEG experiment

I'm designing a quite unusual (in terms of signal analysis) EEG experiment, which forces me to design my own filter. I have never done this before, so kindly please check my work and suggest ...