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How to get the original sample pitch knowing how the sample is interpolated at a given pitch?

I'm trying to "reverse engineering" a sample-based synth from the 90's (an Ensoniq SQ1, which uses a OTIS chip for the samples; if you're interested you can find the manual of both on the ...
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Which type of modulation is used in this RF Signal?

I am working on reverse-engineering a few devices, I got some using ASK and FSK but I could not grasp this other one. I am attaching some photos from its captured signal took from URH (Universal Radio ...
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How to derive filter design (with parameters) from existing FIR weights

I made a thing which involves a FIR filter, and in that process I cobbled together some random numbers for the convolution which I figured would work the way I wanted. Now I want to be able to take ...
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Algorithm for Hue correction behind HSL sliders in image processing software

I have a project where i need to recreate hue specific hue adjustment sliders like in Lightroom/Capture One/DxO photolab. Initial image. Image after hue adjustment (Orange hue range) in DxO Photolab....
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How can I reverse engineer the parameters of this butterworth filter?

I am trying to develop an application which will need a bandpass filter. The sampling rate is 30Hz, and the frequency range I'd like the filter to preserve is: 0.5Hz-4Hz. I've used mkfilter to ...
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Modeling audio effects, reverse engineering

Okay so I'm relatively new to signal processing and don't know the specific terminology to help narrow my search, but I'm looking for advice in the form of books, papers, references, etc that can help ...
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3 answers

Reverse engineering a digital filter

I have 2 simultaneous signals that both are designed to measure eye movements. They are sampled at 250 Hz. We have 12 subject recordings. For 3 stable periods in each subject, we choose 256 points and ...
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What is the line encoding in this FSK signal

As a learning exercise, I'm trying to reverse engineer the radio protocol of a 27MHz wireless mouse. The device currently transmits on the 27.045MHz channel and uses 2FSK. I have an IQ recording of ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Protect an IIR filter from being reverse-engineered

I created a somewhat unique IIR filter and I want to protect the filter from being reverse-engineered I think you all know it is quite easy to get all the different weights of an IIR by using impulse ...
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Reverse Engineering Low Frequency Flat Field Correction

I have feature in my camera that indicates "Low Frequency Flat Field correction" and I want to evaluate its impact on the image. How can I do this? Currently I can only take pictures of a ...
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11 votes
2 answers

What's the Underlying Algorithm for Detail Preserving Upsampling in Photoshop CC?

The detail-preserving upsampling algorithm in Photoshop CC is truly amazing. It can upscale any image while preserving details in almost real-time. And I truly wonder how it is implemented. I've ...
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13 votes
2 answers

What Is the Algorithm Behind Photoshop's "Black and White" Adjustment Layer?

Can someone explain the algorithm behind the "Black and White" adjustment layer in photoshop? I have to reproduce it using C++ for an application that emphasizes non-red/magenta(ish) pixels ...
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