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Is it possible to calculate DRR (Direct Reverberant Ratio) from an Room Impulse Response? If not, how is this parameter calculated?

DRR (Direct-to-Reverberant Ratio) and Reverberation time (T60) are said to be two of the most important characteristics of sound in Reverberation. DRR is said to be ratio of the energies of the direct ...
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How to calculate the reverberation time RT60 given dimensions of a room?

I'm trying to estimate RT60 based on reverberant sound. In order to generate reverberant sound, I am required to give dimensions of a room so that RIR is generated and is convolved with clean sound. ...
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Is there a way to get this reverb effect working on something else than 44.1 kHz?

I have successfully implemented the Sony PlayStation 1 reverb effect, until I realized that it strictly works at a sample of 44.1 kHz. A quick web search shown that (as far as I understand), an IIR ...
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A Python code for blind estimation of RT60 from recorded audio

I have an audio recorded, recorded by a 2 mics array. I want to a Python code that get the audio as input and estimate the RT60 reverberation time. I do have a function that estimates RT60 from a ...
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How long should be the Room Impulse Response

I am writing a code to calculate the reverberation time of a room. I am new to the topic. I used sine sweep to excite the room and the response was recorded. Then I got the room impulse response by ...
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Sound concussion problem when using FDN to generate reverberation

When I used a simple FDN(Feedback Delay Network) to generate an impulse response, it sounded like a vibrate sound, and using FDN to process the pop music also had a distinctly unnatural and empty room ...
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How to train a FCNN with Spectrogram images?

I'm working on a audio dereverberation deep learning model, based on the U-net architecture. The idea of my project came from image denoising with auto-encoders. I feed the reverberated spectrogram to ...
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Real Time Partitioned Convolution Not Working

EDIT: Scroll down for actual working code. I'm working on implementing a real-time convolvution reverb JACK client on C and I've been trying to follow a number of sources (including Gardner and Wefers ...
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Fast Realtime Reverb

I am trying to implement a reverb algorithm but my knowledge is extremely limited in DSP. I am making a music application and I need to be able to process Float PCMs with a reverb algorithm to enable ...
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Why does the volume increase when I reduce the gain of an all-pass filter connected in series?

I am using the colorless allpass-filter proposed by Schroeder Manfred R to create a reverberator. It consists of about 8 colorless allpass-filters connected in series, each with a different delay ...
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Is the Schroeder Allpass implementation in Freeverb incorrect?

I've been looking into the venerable Freeverb and I see that CCRMA state that it uses 4 Shroeder Allpass filters in series, but when I look at the source code I see: ...
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