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Preprocessing lung sound data: replication of paper method

I'm really new to signal processing research. I'm trying to replicate Kirill Kochetov and Andrey Filchenkov. 2021. Generative Adversarial Networks for Respiratory Sound Augmentation. In Proceedings ...
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Pros/Cons to using Spectral and Diffusive Graph Wavelets

As I understand, there are two major methods of constructing wavelets on graphs. Spectral wavelets, from David K Hammond et. al, and diffusive wavelets from Coifman and Maggioni. I can't quite parse ...
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How can a CNN account for spectro-temporal constraints in neural data?

What are there the best ways to leverage the unique "geometrical" constraints of spectro-temporal signal representations (architecture, filter shapes, data augmentation, etc.)? For example, ...
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What helped you in reading and implementing papers and coming up with original ideas in computer vision/graphics?

I'm trying to get into academic research at the intersection of vision and graphics, and was wondering how researchers in the field went about this: Was it useful to do a lot of fundamental math ...
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Questions in a Character Degradation Model Paper

I have questions in the ‘Noise region definition’ and ‘Noise generation process’ of the paper “A character degradation model for grayscale ancient document images”. In Noise region definition, ...
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How to Pick a Journal for Publishing a Research Work?

I got my MS in EE way back in 1994 and have not presented at a conference, or published in a journal before, but I had and still have an intense interest in the applied math that I learned. I have ...
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