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Deconvolution using Toeplitz matrices [duplicate]

Lets say I have 2 vectors (1D signals that are sigmoids): $s$ and $m$, both related through the relation: $m = s * r$, my goal here is to recover the vector $r$ (should look like a gaussian). I tried ...
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How to regularize the latent variables of a kalman filter to be small?

This is perhaps a bit of a weird idea but suppose I want the latent variables of a Kalman filter to be small (like as if the states were being regularized). This is kind of like putting an extra prior ...
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Matrix-vector multiplication representation of Total Variation function

I'm reading a paper - Total Variation Superiorized Conjugate Gradient Method for Image Reconstruction on total variation regularization and conjugate gradients. In page $3$, the authors define the ...
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Academic reference for a specific type of regularized inverse filtering

Let $y(t) = (h * x)(t) + n(t)$ be some observed signal where $h(t)$ is some filter / impulse response, $x(t)$ is some input signal we are interested in, and $n(t)$ is noise. In order to recover $x$ ...
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