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How can I implement simple robust regression?

I have many datasets like this: to which I am trying to fit lines: $$ y = a + bx $$ However as you can see there are some outliers in each dataset. The number varies from data set to dataset. I am ...
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Alternative Approaches to Polynomial Regression Fit on Sensor A/D Input

I am currently using the output of a polynomial regression to match a pressure sensor's A/D output from pressure and temperature input with a control's pressure output. This approach, with terms up to ...
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what is the meaning of the second line in the code?

what is the meaning of the second line in the code , i am not understanding the meaning of it
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EEG filtration via EMG

i got little problem. I'm trying to detect HFOs in single channel EEG (the recording is multichannel, but there is not enough channels to use ICA) for my diploma thesis experiment and i want to first ...
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What parameter to use to decide if accelerometer data are noisy?

I would like to do regression thus I need to know if my input data are noisy. In this case, I generate accelerometer data [x, y, z] from the sensor. I have a look ...
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Can a filter be fit to explain a response?

I'm trying to classify a stimulus-response relationship and would like to fit a filter that best explains the response. I don't really work in DSP so there may be some vocabulary I'm missing, but ...
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Noise Variance and Sampling in the Linear Regression Context

I am new to signal processing, so please bear with me. My question applies to any general problem of estimation from noisy measurements but I will like to understand this through a problem given here. ...
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