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How is the normalized power required for unipolar NRZ twice that of polar NRZ?

So, the normalized power for unipolar NRZ scheme is $\frac{1}{2}V^2$. According to my book, the normalized power required for polar NRZ is half that of unipolar NRZ. So, the power should be $\frac{V^2}...
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How to correctly accept Polar/LDPC encoded bits with PSK modulation?

I have implemented a packet reception and transmission scheme using QPSK. Next I decided to add Polar/LDPC encoding. As a result, nothing is written to the received file. I think the thing is that I'm ...
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Polar Fourier Transform and its similarity to the Z-Transform

The DFT is given by $X_{\mathcal{F}}(k) = \sum_{n=0}^{N-1} x_n e^{-j 2 \pi k n / N}$ Knowing that complex numbers can also be represented using a polar form $A \angle\theta$, I was looking for a ...
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Digital demodulator (SDR) for receiving legacy analog modulated wave

I understand that in SDR, after the ADC the signal processing is fundamentally based on I/Q modulated waves where any discrete value that can be transmitted corresponds to a symbol which is ...
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Covariance Matrix Polar to Cartesian

Let $R$ and $\Theta$ be zero mean independent Gaussian random variables with variances $\sigma_R^2$ and $\sigma_\Theta^2$ respectively. Hence their covariance matrix would be diagonal give by $$C_{R,\...
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Why not use a complex number in the exponent in the z-transform?

I am trying to comprehend how the z-transform has come to be similar but different from its continuous counterpart, namely the Laplace transform. It seems to me that the most parallel and intuitive ...
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Binary Polar vs 4-PAM Signalling

Why is binary polar signalling not feasible for a data rate of 2.0Mbps within a bandwidth not exceeding 1MHz? Is it due to the fact that binary signalling can only transfer 1 bit of data per symbol ...
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Interpolation formula for two dimensional signal reconstruction in the frequency domain from polar samples

In the book, Advanced Topics in Shannon Sampling and Interpolation Theory by Robert J. Marks II, one may find an interpolation formula for reconstructing a two dimensional signal from regular polar ...
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Which parameters defines a polar plot?

I need to convert a polar plot into a short array of 3-5 values. This array should describe the polar plot as best as possible. For example, I know that I can use the beamwidth which is also known as ...
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Addition of two signals in polar coordinates

There is quadrature detector which receive radio signal and return its amplitude and instantaneous phase after performing hilbert transformation and transferring the signal to zero frequency. The main ...
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How to change the angle unit labels on polar plot in MATLAB?

I hope this is not off-topic. I'm wondering is there anyway to change the default angle unit label in MATLAB polar plot. The default angle label is from 0 to 360, at 30 increment. It goes like 0,30,60,...
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Find half-angle of complex exponential

Suppose we have a complex signal $\cos(2\theta) + j\sin(2\theta) = e^{j2\theta}$. Is there any way to find half-angle $\cos(\theta) + j\sin(\theta) = e^{j\theta}$ complex signal without going into ...
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Angle Averaging

I am working on an 802.11a demod that works, for the most part, but has a bug that causes intermittent errors. I haven't finished characterizing it, but it appears that the problem is in my ...
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