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A quantity representing the fraction of cycle of a periodic signal, usually represented as an angle.

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Using phase information to extract sample values

I have one cycle of the following signal stored in a memory: x(n)=sin(2 * pi * n/N + theta) where theta= 2*pi*q/N and q, N are integers. How do I use ...
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Group Delay of a system

Say I have an LTI system whose impulse response h[n] is: $$ h[n] = \delta[n] + \delta[n-4] $$ I want to find the group delay of this system. I know the group delay ($grd$) is defined as: $$ ...
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How to find the phase lag between a sinusoidal input force and the response?

I have a system that is forced by a sinusoidal function with specific amplitude, phase and frequency. I get a deformation of sinusoidal form as well, and I would like to find the phase lag. I use FFT ...
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Why do you get instantaneous phase by calculating correlation with a carrier signal?

I am somewhat new to DSP. I'm trying to implement BPSK by following this Python QAM tutorial. My code seems to work, but I really just ported the tutorial's Python code to C++, and do not understand ...
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What is a Phase Delay filter?

I'm looking at a job spec, detailed below. I'm perplexed as to what is being asked for. Could someone offer a basic understanding of this material? I can imagine a solution may involve performing ...
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Discarding phase

What would happen if you took the STFT of a signal, discarded the phase information, and re-synthesized it? For example, just modulate oscillators tuned to each frequency bin by the amplitudes for ...
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Estimating The Time-delay using the Phase of the Cross- Correlation function

I am relatively new to time delay estimation. I am working on a project where I am estimating the time-delay from the phase of the cross-correlation function (CCF), since it is more reliable in ...
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Filter design with a phase delay specification?

Given a desired filter magnitude response, plus acceptable linear phase and minimum phase FIR filter approximations, how can one design a filter with the given response and a delay specification of ...
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plotting phase of a signal adding delay

I'm trying to plot the phase of this signal $s(f)=A^2T^2sinc^2(Tf)e^{-(j\pi Tf)}$ How can I plot manually this signal?I have to follow some particular rules?I have problems with the delay. Edit ...
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Confirmation on how to calculate phase differences at every frequency point between two wideband signals?

I have a problem that I thought was going to be simple, but it has become surprisingly stubborn and I question my method... I have used the method (described below), but I wanted to confirm that ...
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What is the difference between phase delay and group delay?

I'm studying some DSP and I'm having trouble understanding the difference between phase delay and group delay. It seems to me that they both measure the delay time of sinusoids passed through a ...
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Variant of discrete fourier transform that isolates phase delay?

I'm not quite sure of the mathematical terminology here but... Is there a variant (or post-processing) of a Discrete Fourier Transform that separates the shape of a signal from any phase shift ...
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