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1 answer

OQPSK - GNU Radio Companion

I was wondering if anyone has had any success in implementing OQPSK in gnuradio. I have a working theory of expanding on the Constellation Modulator to include a custom OQPSK function. I have ...
6 votes
1 answer

Optimal idle or frame sync symbols for OQPSK

Okay, everyone here knows that my thing was audio and that I have never gotten paid to do anything regarding communications systems. So, while I know a thing or two about DSP and even a little about ...
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0 answers

Can PLL for OQPSK be used for carrier frequency recovery?

This is the phase detector of PLL of OQPSK modulation. Apparently, it introduces a self-noise labeled in red which can’t be offset. I simulate this algorithm in Matlab, it doesn’t perform as well as ...
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Oqpsk pll delay axis ambiguity

I don’t understand how this phenomenon appear in OQPSK carrier recovery loop. I found nothing on google. Is it a normal phenomenon in OQPSK loop or specific? Why does it get reversed I and Q? In the ...
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1 answer

oQPSK symbol synchronization

I'm validating a C++ oQPSK receiver. The 5Mbps oQPSK signal is generated by a satellite emulator. The receiver structure goes as follows: SDR --> AGC --> Costa's Loop --> Delay --> ...
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1 answer

How to distinguish I from Q components when receiving a signal?

Here below is the SDR for the O-QPSK demodulation for the Aqua satellite. How are we sure that the I component we get in the Costas Loop output is not the Q component of the original signal? Because ...
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1 answer

OQPSK and MSK receiver sensitivity comparison

Which wireless receiver has the better sensitivity for the same everything except the change in the Base-band de-modulation, one base-band demodulator for OQPSK and other base-band demodulator for MSK,...
1 vote
1 answer

What is the spectral efficiency of OQPSK modulation?

Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (OQPSK) like QPSK transmits two bits per symbol. However, because of the offset on the quadrature component there are two transitions per symbol. Does this not ...
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1 answer

subquestion 2 : original Q "Difference between MSK and GMSK?"

if we talk about a modulation, we mention a linear and nonlinear modulation. GMSK is nonlinear modulation, but it can be derived from a linear modulation as MSK, PAM and we talk about a linear ...