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Given the following signalling elements design the optimum receiver?

Given the following signaling elements, \begin{align} g_1(t) &= A \quad \text{for} \quad -T/4 < t \leq 0 \\ g_2(t) &= A \quad \text{for} \quad 0 < t \leq T/4 \\ g_3(t) &= A \quad \...
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Least squares filter with non-linear phase and independent weights for phase and magnitude

Intro My question is related to a previous one linked here. I am interested in non-linear phase FIR filters with a specific desired phase response. After I tried the options in the linked question I ...
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Degradation of BPSK system using matched filter with a timing error

Given a BPSK system with: \begin{align*} s_1(t) &= Au_T(t) \\ s_2(t) &= -Au_T(t) \\ \end{align*} where $u_T(t)=1$ for $0<t<T$, and zero otherwise. Given $A > 0$, and Gaussian white ...
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Determining signal using Optimal receiver(Matched filter)

I'm given a signal that has been passed through a noisy channel using binary polar signaling with a pulse value of p(t) = 1. The receiver is coherent and the length of each pulse (in samples) is 10 ...
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The grid frequencies In the design of a digital filter

I want to find many difference 'h' with same group delay and length filter using this code : ...
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