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How to achieve uniform gaussian profile? Beam profile has grainy/multimode pattern

Hi apologies in advance if this (optics & image-process) is not where I should post this question. Thanks for the help! I'm required to make a jig that measures the divergence angle of a ...
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Most reliably and rapidly readable 2D barcode?

QR Codes are far and away the most popular 2D barcodes for mobile applications these days. However, there are several other widely-used 2D barcode symbologies as well, including Aztec (used in the ...
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Techniques for recognizing white rectangular labels in these pictures? (Ideally OpenCV)

I need to recognize these two types of labels. zBar does recognize some of the barcodes sometimes, but I'd need to catch the ones that it doesn't and detect the label, so I can try and straighten up ...
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Is document image binarization a closed research field [closed]

A lot of work has been done in the field of document image binarization. Is it a closed research field or still an interesting challenge area? I am new in the field, and just curious.
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Palm Pilot Graffiti

I have been completely unable to find details on the underlying model that is used for the Palm Pilot Graffiti handwriting recognition. Given the computing power available for handheld PDA technology, ...
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Neural Networks for rotated character (or shape) recognition

I have built a program that recognizes shapes and characters, using Neural Networks. Now, one of the main requirements of the task is that the program can recognize them regardless of rotation or ...
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Which one is good Image processing language? [closed]

For my academic project, I need to process image to get pixel color and also needs to change the pixel color.I need pattern recognition. It is a web application. All I am trying is to capture the ...
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Number segmentation techniques

Assume that the speed limit at a place is captured and is provided as an input to a system which checks if the speed of vehicle is above the accepted level or not. For checking, the number in the ...
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How to recognise partial text on mechanical indicators

I would like to know is there any possible approach to recognise digits of the first (and second as well, as you can see in the example figure) order of magnitude. I've thought of neural network with ...
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Document image vanishing point detection and evaluation

It is a natural idea to substitute our scanner with mobile phone, and perform OCR with the phone at the same time. If this can come true, two problems must be tackled: one is related to document image ...
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How can I identify Arabic letters in an image using Java?

I want to identify Egyptian car number plates that look like this: How can I do this in Java ? I plan to do this in Android, as the user will catch the number plate with a camera and the results ...
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Checking the "cleanliness" of an image for Optical Character Recognition

Is there some mechanism to say whether the image is "clean" for the purpose of image processing? For example, in the following image, the topmost row is the cleanest and the bottom one is the least ...
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