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OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a cross-platform library of programming functions for real time computer vision.

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Wavelength filter with OpenCV

I am new to OpenCV and DSP. I want to code a filter which act like a real optical filter. When you filter the image, the output looks like shotted with a $550nm$ optical filter lens. Like a Bandpass ...
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Opencv calcHist and calcBackProject in plain english

i've started experimenting with c++ and opencv because of i want to learn image processing. Now, my first exercise is to create a skin detector with calcHist and calcBackProject. But i don't ...
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How can I detect elements of GUI using opencv?

Given a screenshot of an application, is there any way of finding GUI elements of that application using only opencv? (something like in the image) I tried to play with blending the image and other ...
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How do I get the most accurate camera calibration?

First off, I hope this is the correct Stack Exchange board. My apologies if it is not. I am working on something that requires me to calibrate the camera. I have successfully implemented the code to ...
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How to compute camera pose from Homography matrix?

Say I use only one calibrated camera. From this camera, I get images A and B. I know the homography between A and B, computed through OpenCV's findHomography(). I know the pose (rotation matrix R and ...
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