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Separating dominoes pieces from one another and counting them

I Have a picture of Dominoes on a table, which is noisy. I am trying to do the following: removing the background. counting how many dominoes pieces are there. identifying what each piece represent. ...
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Object detection only when a particular type of object is on the image

Apologies if this has been answered already. I am very new to computer vision. I am kind of familiar with object detection and classification for many types of classes, which involves training data ...
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Copy an object (along with bounding box) from one image and paste on different image (only background)

I have a dataset of images with bounding boxes. I also have another dataset of images with different backgrounds. I want to copy the images from one dataset (with their ground truth boxes) and paste ...
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Detecting bounded regions in JavaScript

I have an image of a crossword , and I would like to find the x,y coordinates of every valid square and the number associated with it, then I would feed it into crossword.js. Here are some sample ...
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Object Detection using audible sonar

I am currently working on a project of identifying the position and angle of the objects in an environment using sonar (audible) about 1 to 2 m away from a desktop speaker within an angular sector of ...
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Detecting & tracking an arbitrary object in a video

I have a video from a fixed (stationary) camera. Sometimes there are slight movements in the frames (e.g. tree moving a bit in the wind). Other times, some might walk into the view of the camera, a ...
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What is the difference between object detection and target detection? Are they the same thing?

I was reading some articles regarding object detection and target detection and have a hard time understanding the difference between object detection and target detection. i want to know whether they ...
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How to distinguish the same object entering the camera field of view

We want to set photo cameras in the field and capture images of insects that visit flowers. We want to place these cameras above the flowers and then they should get triggered whenever an insect lands ...
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Effect of Resizing (Up Scaling) an Image on the Ability to Detect / Recognize Objects

I work in a research lab and am currently setting up a system to image objects approximately 30 microns in diameter with a 250x USB microscope, then use image subtraction to isolate the objects as ...
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