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Event-related EEG (epoch averaging) as a form of inter-harmonic bandstop filtering?

There is a matter that comes to my mind from time to time, now I describe it in detail. Anyway I am a first year PhD student, doing research in the field of cognitive neuroscience, but yet I only have ...
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Harmonic Product Spectrum from FFT output to the fundamental frequency

I'm trying to do the HPS algorithm on my FFT output, but I'm stuck here. My signal is from a bass (cable), 16bits, 48.000Hz. I split in time domain the array of the whole record into multiple arrays ...
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How to avoid overtones in audio signal

I'm trying to make a program that catch and audio signal of a bass and show the notes that have been played. My program: Gets the sound and put it in a double data type array. (48 000Hz, 16bits) ...
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Intermittent Harmonics, Is there a physical explanation?

I am doing some frequency analysis of a vibration signal from a spinning rotor, I am expecting to see peaks corresponding to the rotational frequency of the rotor. So the fundamental frequency ...
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Harmonics of square wave [closed]

I have a square wave, with 10% duty cycle. It is 90ms LOW, 10ms HIGH. Sampling frequency is 1kHz. In spectral domain, after following this example, I get fundamental frequency (10Hz), as well as its ...
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Why harmonic components appear only after a certain level when a signal is clipped?

I recently observed this phenomenon that when a signal is clipped the harmonics start to appear only after a certain level. The Python code to reproduce the effect is given below. The signal has 3 ...
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How to detect specific behavior in time series?

I was not quite sure what the right SE for this was, so I posted this also here on SciComp. Please tell me which one to remove :) Problem statement I have a few hundred unrelated time series, say $...
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Period of non-harmonic Fourier sum

I am wondering if there is a formula for the period of the sum of $N$ cisoids of the form $e^{j\frac{2\pi}{N} i\, \omega_k}$ where the frequencies $\omega_k \in \left[-N/2,N/2\right]$, $k=0,\ldots,N-1$...
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