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Fourier transform of a propagating Dirac delta

I have a spatio-temporal signal $f(x, t)$ that propagates at a constant velocity $v$. To represent that propagation I'm reading in multiple papers that we can represent it in the Fourier domain with ...
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Getting position data from 9-axis IMU

I want to track the movement of a person in a 2D plane using a 9-axis IMU. The size of the plane in which the movement is not bigger than 6 by 6 meter. The IMU is mounted on the head of the person and ...
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Does a gyroscope get impacted by gravity?

When processing IMU data, does the gyroscope get impacted by gravity? Linear accelerometers need to have gravity compensation but nothing is said of IMU.
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Producing images with subpixel shift in region of interest

Let's say for a zebra image, and at certain pixel location, I would like to makes it "vibrate/warp" to and fro in horizontal direction at a certain frequencies in a sequence of images of time ...
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How do I derive complicated robotic motion models easily?

I have a filter that tracks a robot. I want it to use a 2D coordinated turn polar velocity motion model (from page 15 here): But I want to expand on this motion model: I want an additional velocity ...
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Does Gamma Correction Interfere with Sub Pixel Motion Estimation?

Advanced Video Coding (AVC) and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) work on gamma corrected, non linear, colors. When interpolating the value at subpixels, a multi tap algorithm processes the gamma ...
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Obtaining Correct (Least Squares Sense) Affine Transform Parameters Between Two Images

I have two images that I want to compute the affine motion model parameters. The model that I use is $$x' = a_1x+a_2y+a_3$$ $$y' = a_4x+a_5y+a_6$$ To calculate those 6 parameters, I picked 6 points (...
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What motion estimation techniques that could estimate the motion of every pixel?

I'm trying to estimate a motion from a video, however based on my finding, those methods usually meant for large motion and sparse in nature. Optical flow: Sparse and fail to detect sub-pixel motion ...
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Possible ways to determine the direction of moving object?

I'm trying to determine the moving direction of an object in x-axis only. Figure below shows part of my effort. However, I got stuck. As you can see from the middle image, the green represent the dot ...
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Classify type of motion using decision trees and features

Consider a decision tree for separating between the following activities: Sitting, Driving, Running, Walking. Assume that you are given the following features: Dominant frequency (F1), meanX, meanY, ...
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Create images with sub-pixel shift

I want to test some motion estimation algorithms which compute motion with sub-pixel accuracy. I can create images shifted by the order of pixel (e.g. [2,2]) using ...
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How do the motion vectors work in predictive coding for MPEG?

In MPEG, there is a process where an image is broken up into macroblocks and a motion vector is computed for each of those macro blocks. You then transmit these vectors, along with the prediction ...
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