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How to calculate and compensate group delay caused by channel and how to define group delay to wideband signal?

Suppose a wideband signal is sent and received by a RX. If different frequency components travel in different speed then there exists group delay in the signal, right? Not consider the multipath ...
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Why do we need motion vectors in MPEG?

I'm trying to understand how the encoding of a I and P Frame works. The I frame is just encoded like a JPEG image. I'v read that for the P-Frame we need to calculate some motion vectors, apply it to ...
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Motion compensation for stripmap SAR

I am trying to perform motion compensation for an airborne stripmap SAR data following the book Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing by Franceschetti and Lanari. The algorithm flowchart is on page 145. ...
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motion compensation for range migration algorithm

Is there a simple to follow explanation of how to do second order motion compensation for range migration algorithm? The one described in Carrara et al is for the ideal case. For the Extended Omega K ...
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Create images with sub-pixel shift

I want to test some motion estimation algorithms which compute motion with sub-pixel accuracy. I can create images shifted by the order of pixel (e.g. [2,2]) using ...
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How do the motion vectors work in predictive coding for MPEG?

In MPEG, there is a process where an image is broken up into macroblocks and a motion vector is computed for each of those macro blocks. You then transmit these vectors, along with the prediction ...
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