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Questions tagged [morphology]

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2 votes
1 answer

Multiscale Mathematical Morphology Filtering on Python

For context, I'm basing my code on the information provided in the paper "QRS Detection Based on Multiscale Mathematical Morphology for Wearable ECG Devices in Body Area Networks" by Fei ...
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Amount of pixel eroded

Is there a definite relation between the kernel size and shape of a morphology change and the amount of pixels added or removed? I have a case where I have a segmented image, and I need to remove x ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Morphology - Why does the concept of opening and closing images exist when we already have erosion and dilation?

If we consider the closing operation of an image, we first dilate the image and then erode it. So, first we expand the foreground (white pixels) and and then we take away some part of the foreground. ...
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what doest "hit or miss" in morphology do?

I searched for hit or miss on the internet and Gonzalez's book but there is just a formula and example. In that example the hit or miss just finds a pixel and no more answers. I want to know by ...
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2 answers

Computations in Grayscale morphology dilation

I red this link, but unfortunately i still don't understand the process... By the way, Dilation process is performed by laying the structuring element H on the image I and sliding it across the image ...
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2 answers

OpenCV: Problem at creating a Skeleton of Lines

I need to get the lines from a photographie of a sheet of paper. While recherching, I came along this, where one answer referred to this blog entry. Now I am having trouble with this approach. I have ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Reconstructing Tree Limbs that are Occluded by Leaves

How would would one approximately reconstruct the branches in a photo of a tree, where portions of the branches are covered by leaves? I can extract the visible portions of the branches by ...
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3 votes
2 answers

filling holes of a 3D image in Matlab

I want to use morphology operator for filling holes of a 3d image. The 3d image consists of 116 2-D image slices of the same size (512*512 pixels). I tried using imfill in Matlab for the 3d image but ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Grayscale morphology

Hello I've been trying to understand the grayscale dilation operation using the following example, but my results are different. $I = \begin{pmatrix} \bf{5} & 2 & 4 \\ 1 & -3 & 1 \end{...
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Recover myself from Dilate and Erode for noise reduction

i have obtained some skin detection map (i post below two example of detection map). but, i'm using a normal webcam and the map is noisy. Not a lot, just a bit. I think i can remove noise only with ...
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