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is a mathematical object to be recorded in a [usually] rectangular array of elements of ring or field, which (table) is a set of rows and columns are located at the intersection of its elements. The number of rows and columns specify the size of the matrix.

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Shortest geometric distance from surface in 3d dataset?

I have a three-dimensional binary image of a collection of discrete, individual voxels ("seeds") contained in a connected 3-dimensional surface ("skin"). (Like a small fruit, with a surface delineated ...
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Why do we deal with the eigenvectors of the autocorrelation instead of the data itself?

How intuitively to understand why eigenvectors of the autocorrelation matrix are used, but eigenvectors of the matrix constructed from temporal samples have no sense and aren't used? For example, in ...
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Analytical expression for the eigenvectors of a 3x3 real, symmetric matrix?

I am writing an algorithm that process 3D images based on the local moment of inertia. I have a 3x3 real symmetric matrix, from which I need to find the eigenvalues. I have found a variety of ...
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