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7 votes
1 answer

The necessity of null subcarrier in OFDM?

In looking to LTE specifications, with the subcarrier spacing $\Delta f = 15 \textrm{kHz}$, for bandwidth $10 \textrm{MHz}$, fft size $N_{fft} = 1024$ that needs a sampling rate $F_s \geq 1024 \times ...
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1 vote
1 answer

IFFT and DAC relationship in OFDM Transmitter

Say, for LTE BW 20 MHz, I have total 2048 SubCarrier at IFFT Input leading to 2048 Output (Complex) at IFFT Output, and in 1 OFDM Symbol (useful symbol length) of time 66.67 usec, the sampling rate ...
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0 votes
3 answers

OFDM SubCarrier and its relationship with IFFT in context of Real and Complex

In the process of OFDM Signal generation. We take symbols (constellation symbols) and map it to a sub-carrier (real analog time domain) harmonics of 15khz, add different sub-carriers separated by ...
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2 answers

What is use of Quadrature Converter in OFDM?

I'm learning about OFDM Transmitter and see that output of IFFT Block produces complex digital signal and we need DAC to convert it to analog and then use RF Frequency mixing to send it out of ...
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A question on communication system without modulation

I know that these sort of platforms are strict and you need to have an idea of what you are doing before asking a question. I am not really that knowledgeable about signal processing though I have an ...
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Where is SNR and CNR calculated for LTE?

I read below that SNR and CNR are different and we have difference of post/pre modulation. In context of LTE which modulation do we refer to- Digital Data modulated using QAM/QPSK to IQ, or Baseband ...
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