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Equivalence between the linear phase of FIR filters and the (anti)symmetry of the coefficients

According to the Matt L.'s answer to this question, real-valued and causal FIR filters have a (generalized) linear phase response if and only if their coefficients satisfy (anti)symmetry condition. ...
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Cascading IIR filter with All pass filter (APF) for constant group delay and linear phase over the passband using MATLAB not working?

I've designed an IIR Low pass filter in MATLAB with the following parameters. ...
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When do you use a minimum-phase filter over a linear-phase filter

Q1) I have understood that linear-phase filters have more delay time whereas minimum phase filters implement a lesser delay time but introduce phase distortion artifacts which linear-phase filters ...
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Phase Linearization

Does anyone know of some simple algorithms to linearize the phase response of a filter. I have a notch filter with a non-linear phase response. I basically need an all pass filter (so that the ...
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Time delay vs phase ramp, group delay and phase delay

I need to apply a phase ramp in the frequency domain to a signal in order to apply a delay to it in the time/digital domain. However, I am confused by the fact that if I convert the phase ramp into ...
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Derivation of the 4 types of real-valued linear-phase FIR filters

Is there any resource or literature where I can find derivations/proofs for all four linear phase filter types starting from an arbitrary real valued impulse response? I looked at some of the ...
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Parallel connected FIR filters type III

I am currently studying dsp and I have a question: Let us assume multiple FIR filters with generalized linear phase of Type III and real IRs $h_1[n], h_2[n], ..., h_k[n],$ interconnected in parallel. ...
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Difference between MSK and CPSK

I'm trying to understand the differences between the MSK and CPSK transmission, but I am not understanding some things about it. I understood that they are two signals without discontinuity, but what ...
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Bandpass Fractional Delay Filter

I am designing a fractional delay filter, I found this code for lagrange FIR fractional delay filter, The fractional delay filter acts as a low pass filter, it passes low frequencies from 0 to 0.25*fs....
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