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Beats not detected in clear signal

I am trying to identify beats and tempo to differentiate between signals with librosa. However, when I was exploring the data I found that I cannot find the beats for my fourth audio (audio 4) despite ...
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what does librosa.stft do that makes it different?

My understanding of the Short Time Fourier Transform is that first I need to frame the signal and window it, after that apply an fft on these windowed frames. Using Librosa: ...
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How do you handle zeros when logarithmizing? [duplicate]

I'm trying to implement a procedure from a paper. There the authors use two equations to transform a fft transformed music audio file to a cent-spectogram. Equation 1: $$ f_{cent} = 1200 \log_{2} \...
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STFT Audio processing with zeros

In this paper they preprocess an audio file with a STFT and then apply two equations to the computed matrix. I tried implementing all of it in python and used librosa for the STFT. The issue I ...
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What should be a sensible range for the various librosa parameters to extract features from a very high sample rate (2MHz) audio signal?

I am trying to implement a deep learning classification solution for (1 second long) audio signals recorded at a very high sample rate, i.e. 2 MHz. All the material and tutorials that I could find ...
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Difference between librosa.stft and scipy.signal.stft

I read the source code of librosa.stft and sicpy.signal.stft, and notice that the calculation results of STFT in these two libraries are quite different: In scipy.signal.stft, the stft result is ...
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