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Computing the decimation ratio between two m-sequences

Let's suppose I have an LFSR that generates an m-sequence $y_1[k]$ --- in other words, the LFSR has $N$ bits and $y_1[k]$ has period $m=2^N - 1$. Now suppose I know someone has decimated this and ...
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How have common PRBS polynomials been chosen, and what are they?

Why are most common or standard (is there actually a standard?) PRBS uneven in their number of state bits, e.g. PRBS7, PRBS15, PRBS23, if there are plenty of generator polynomials that have even, byte-...
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Properties of pseudorandom ternary sequences

For pseudo-random binary sequences, we know there are various properties: Autocorrelation, balance, Fibonacci vs Galois modes. These are all well-known. However, for pseudo-random ternary sequences, I ...
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Dithering adds harmonic distortion after filtering and upsampling

I have an issue which I wasn't able to solve for a few days. I have implemented a polyphase FIR interpolation filter within an FPGA which does interpolate by a factor of 8 or 16 times. I do accept an ...
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Derive the LFSR sequence from demodulated bitstream

I'm new here and hope to have good feedback from you. I'm trying to blindly demodulate an RF signal and managed to get a sequence of bits for a preamble. After some research, I'm in fact exactly in ...
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