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Determine spectrum amplitudes for half-wave rectified sine

I am trying to learn how to solve a bunch of digital signal problems and I have trouble understanding the solutions provided by this book I'm using. Basically, this problem asks me to determine ...
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What are and why are sine and cosine modulated integrals used?

I have found the definition of the following formulas in a paper regarding active vibration control, where they are called sine and cosine modulated integrals. $y$ is measurement signal with a strong ...
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One of the best ways to numerically integrate a signal?

I need to get position $x$ (integration) from velocity $v$. One could use 1st order Euler integration as $x_{t+1} = x_t + \Delta v_t$ However, doing so leads to errors proportional to sampling time ...
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problem with Fourier transform

I am reading some paper, and I am having some trouble with some Fourier transform, Suppose that $F(\omega)$ is the Fourier transform of $f(x)$, i.e. where $$F(\omega)=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}f(x)e^{-...
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How does integration of a signal change the spectrum?

It's a very basic question, but I havn't found the question on google or How does integraion of a signal change the spectrum?
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Weird behaviour converting velocity to displacement

I'm trying to convert accelerometer data from accelerations to displacement, I assume that the initial velocity is zero and the initial position is also zero. Here's my code, ...
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How does one "count" filter order?

This is primarily a question about how to name my filter. Suppose that I have a photon detector, and that I want to measure the rate at which photons arrive, with a simple gated counter (because this ...
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