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Having trouble calculating the correct Gaussian Kernel values from the Gaussian function formula

I'm having trouble calculating the same values for a Gaussian filter kernel as those derived in the Canny edge detector Wikipedia page It states: The equation for a Gaussian filter kernel of size (2k+...
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Intuitive Meaning of Regularization in Imaging Inverse Problems

Hello Every one I have been trying to understand the intuitive meaning of using a regularizer in images. Specifically what does the Total Variation regularizer do in images and how is it able to ...
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How to overcome effect of intensity variation in image processing?

I want to process an image for which I need the method to be robust to lighting conditions. For that the only thing I can think of is normalising intensity. I did this by dividing the image with ...
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The Kernel of the Guided Image Filter

I am trying to understand how to calculate kernel matrix for guided image filter. Following is the formula for kernel calculation. where k is window withing pixels i and j belong i assumed that ...
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