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Why DCT-III is not used as forward transform for image compression applications?

DCT-II is the most widely used type for image compression. This is due to its "Energy Compaction" property. According to this property, a good enough reconstruction of a natural image can be ...
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Quantifying stitching effects

I have many images like this with high stitching, medium stitching, low stitching, and no stitching effects (the adjectives high, medium, low and no are purely subjective). How to quantify the amount ...
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What does the $H$ operator exactly do in the deconvolution process and why is it needed?

According to Deblurring Dynamic Scenes via Spatially Varying Recurrent Neural Networks, given a 2D sharp image $x(m, n)$ and a blur kernel $h(k, l)$, the blurred image is obtained as $$ y(m, n) = (x*h)...
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