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How to perform Spatial derivative calculation?

I'm trying to solve the following question about "Harris Corner Detection". Consider the following image: As the first step of the "Harris Corner Detection", we should compute the ...
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Harris Corners Detector squared derivatives

I have trouble understanding something (small) regarding the math behind Harris Corners Detector. (for example I looked at this explanation - In ...
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Moravec, Harris noisy window

Harris and Stephens writes about the interest window of Moravec: "The response is noisy because the window is binary and rectangular", and suggests applying a Gaussian window. My Question: ...
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what is the preffered data and FFT length for blackman harris window for improving Accuracy due to ENBW Consideration of window?

for Rectangular window if data length is 1K then FFT Length Should be 1K FFT only because ENBW of rectangualr window is 1.0 but for Minimum 4-Sanple BlackmannHarris window is 2.0. so for improving ...
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need general resource about image matching

i'm working on image matching mainly SIFT and SURF for my thesis. i read Moravec's and harris corner detectors and understand them quiet well in my own opinion.A COMBINED CORNER AND EDGE DETECTOR[1] ...
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How to understand relationships between ellipse and second moment matrix of Harris corner detector?

guys. I am really lacking in knowledge of linear algebra. I am reading slides of Harris corner. But I am really confused about one of them. I know that I can find corners by two large eigenvalues but ...
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Filtering Corners Detected on Multiple Scales

I made a multi-scale Harris corner detector (inspired by MOPS) which is simply a Harris corner detector performed on several scales (i.e. subsampled versions of the same image). This effectively make ...
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Understanding Integration Scale in Multi-Scale Harris Corner Detector

I would like to improve a simple Harris corner detector by adding more scales. I don't need scale-invariant interest points, just to detect more points by processing more scales. The Wikipedia says ...
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