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Decreasing gibbs phenomenon with window functions multiplied in time domain

I know about using fitering(e.g. window filters that used in frequency domain), wavelets for decreasing or even full eliminating gibbs effect but don't really understand how we can use window ...
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Radar Pulse Shaping Filter

For communication signals, a Root Raised Cosine (RRC) filter is often used as the pulse shaping filter. What kind pulse shaping filters (prototypes or window functions or tapers) are used in radar ...
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The effect of time increment $\Delta t$, frequency resolution $\Delta f$ and Gibbs phenomenon on the amplitude of the signal in the frequency domain?

Experiment: Vibration analysis (i.e.: major concern is on transfer function or frequency response). The input is an impulse (imagine as a knocking effect or knocking force), defined as a half sine ...
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Generating smoothed versions of square wave, triangular, etc

I'm trying to get functions depicting smoothed out versions of wave forms(triangle,square, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth) which have the same amplitude and frequency as $cos(x)$. I found a few ...
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Gibbs phenomenon in Hilbert transform

I have just read that the Gibbs phenomenon can cause artifacts in the use of Hilbert transforms for audio processing applications, but the reference contained no more specific information. Can anyone ...
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How to separate the upwards-propagating from the downwards-propagating waves?

I've got a real 2D image of propagating waves in both directions. How can I separate this image into one with the upward-propagating waves and one with the downward-propagating ones? This example has ...
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Gibbs phenomenon in Hamming's digital filters

In 'Digital Filters' by Hamming there is a cryptic section where he describes how the Gibbs phenomenon can be viewed as the displacement between the centers of two functions as they are convolved ...
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How much of a problem is the Gibbs phenomenon and would this solve it?

By iterating or nesting a sine curve like in this question I get curves like these: that seem to tend to a square wave. The eight case of these looks like: which here on purpose was chosen for it'...
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What methods can be used to remove ringing artifacts in the output of a digital filter?

I'm using digital filters to apply spectral mangling-type special effects to audio. When using a digital filter (vsts/standalone DSP programs/outboard digital filter, etc.), especially when using ...
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Why do I see ringing in the output of a digital filter with a narrow transition band?

I am doing some 'extreme' eq for spectral mangling type effects with audio. Im using brick wall filters, and very narrow band pass and reject filters (vst plugins), and I'd like to know if there's ...
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A good mathematical explanation of Gibbs phenomenon

I was explaining to someone how Fourier series work in context of constructing signals that are not everywhere differentiable, e.g. square waves, sawtooth waves, etc. When I mentioned the Gibbs ...
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