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1 answer

Frequency Translation after FIR Filter

I am trying to translate a signal to baseband by multiplying by the complex exponential. The issue is when I do the calculation in MATLAB the signal seems to disappear. I originally thought the signal ...
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What are the units of the product of two signals?

In a standard mixer, we multiply two signals $x_1(t)$ and $x_2(t)$, each with units of volts $(V)$, and get at the output: $$y(t)=x_1(t)\,\cdot\,x_2(t)$$ I have always thought that the output of ...
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Fourier Transform frequency translation property in practical applications

From the material of my Signal Analysis and Processing course: The frequency translation property is extremely important for practical applications. It allows taking a signal from a portion of ...
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Frequency Translation by Band

Are there any mathematical transforms which can offset a select band of frequencies across the spectrum? (For sampled digital audio) (crappy illustration)
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frequency translation or pitch shifting through linear interpolation in frequency domain

I want to perform pitch shifting with the method described in NEW PHASE-VOCODER TECHNIQUES FOR PITCH-SHIFTING, HARMONIZING AND OTHER EXOTIC EFFECTS. Basically, it involves: Locate the spectral peaks ...
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Translation property of 2-D discrete Fourier transform

I am studying the 2-D discrete Fourier transform related to image processing and I don't understand a step about the translation property. In the book Digital Image Processing (Rafael C. Gonzalez, ...
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Reordering frequency translation and decimation

I'm trying to understand the behavior of two different methods of decimating and frequency translating a signal. At this point, I'm only swapping the translation and decimation; I'm not doing any ...
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