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How to Create a Filter that Matches a Desired Magnitude Response

I'm very, very new to this stuff, so please forgive me if the answer is obvious. I haven't been able to find any clear answers to this issue, even after looking through source code for various filter ...
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why there is no 0 on the right side? (matlab, low pass filter)

I took even number of sample (in this case 6) from sinc, hamming window, and multiple of those two. then after fourier transform, frequency-domain variables have zero only left side, in this case its ...
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Filtering out a specific Gaussian from a signal using Fourier concepts

I have been wondering about a problem and need some help. Let's say I have a 1-d time signal (discrete), I also have the knowledge that the signal consists of repeated Gaussians with known fixed ...
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Why do we need a Homomorphic Filter?

Please, explain in layman's terms, Why do we need a Homomorphic Filter? In what kind of situations should we use Homomorphic filtering? What kind of images need Homomorphic filtering?
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