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Questions tagged [feedback]

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Introducing Feedback to Miller Puckette's Time-Domain Pitch Shifting Algorithm without Discontinuities

I've implemented Miller Puckette's time-domain pitch shifting algorithm ( in PureData's help files in C++ (my code here:
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Feedback Filtered-x LMS algorithm: question about theory

I was reading some of papers about the Active Noise Cancellation; in particular about the Filtered-x LMS algorithm, also known as FxLMS. It seems that classic FxLMS (also called Feedforward FxLMS) ...
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How can I correct the settling time when implementing a pre-filter (reference filtering)?

I have designed a controller for the speed of a motor, I calculated that for a settling time $0.1 \; s$, it works when I test it without pre-filtering. However, I need $0$ overshoot, so I implemented ...
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Quantifying the frequency shift of a delay with LP filtered feedback

I am working at a Karplus-Strong sound synthesis technique where an excitation impulse is subjected to a delay with feedback and a one pole LP filter in the feedback line. The process is simply y[0]=(...
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How to accomodate feedback bits from Base Station to devices in LTE or 5g?

I am trying to think of a way in which the base station (BS) can send say 100 bits of feedback to devices in my cell. My confusion is what is a good way to send this feedback bits. This is during the ...
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Effect of delayed feedback on sinusoid of frequency corresponding to delay

Question: What is the effect of a delayed feedback path with nonunity gain G on a sinusoid of frequency corresponding to the delay? Plot the effective gain as a function of G. I think this will ...
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Finding lossless coefficients to multi-tap feedback delayline

I have a digital delayline code which looks like this: ...
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Frequency range of acoustic feedback

What is the frequency range in which acoustic feedback can be found? Most importantly, is there some lowest frequency below which one can expect not to find any feedback? My conclusion from the ...
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