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EMD in Python vs. Matlab

I want to move an analysis pipeline from Matlab to Python. I'm noticing a slight difference between the IMFs generated by the emd function in Matlab and those ...
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Smooth envelope of an aperiodic signal

I have a signal that looks like this: Red line is the function I'd like to obtain somehow. Everything <= -60 is basically absent data (i.e. not low signal). If I understand correctly, Hilbert ...
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Emperical mode decomposition problem

I am using Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) algorithm to decompose a vibration signal generated by outer race bearing defect using case western réserve University data. I am facing a problem: unlike ...
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Different number of modes while performing the EEMD (Ensembled Empirical Mode Decomposition)

I am performing an Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (EEMD). I wrote a MATLAB routine to perform the EMD. I noticed that when adding white Gaussian noise to the input signal, sometimes I obtain a ...
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Ways to parallelize Sifting in EMD (Empirical Mode Decomposition)

Sifting process, which is recursive in nature, is used in EMD (Empirical Mode Decomposition) to decompose the signal (x(t)) into Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMFs) and residue, which is a monotonic ...
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Plotted ECG signals are not around Amplitude 0 line

For my project I have to have few datasets of ECG signals and I did get them from Physionet website. What I Got So I downloaded few ECG signals and plotted them in Matlab. Below shows one plot (I ...
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What Kind of Features Can I Extract from a Signal

I want to monitor (automatic-)gearbox failures on some vehicles. For each vehicle I have a captured signal representing the selected gear at each one millisecond. An example of two signals are shown ...
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How do I perform the sifting process in empirical mode decomposition?

I am programming a voice activity detection algorithm and I found a paper that recommends the use of HHT. I have been trying to program it and understand how to calculate $m1(x)$, but the shifting ...
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Implement Hilbert Huang Transform

I have some programming experiences but am really new to these kind of algorithms. I can find a few source code about implementing HHT, and most of them are written with MATLAB. What I am trying to do:...
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Empirical Mode Decomposition and Sparsity

In what sense does empirical mode decomposition (EMD) bring out the sparsity in a signal? For instance, if I had a signal $f$ and I broke it down into $n$ intrinsic mode functions (IMF), what should ...
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