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EEG filtration via EMG

i got little problem. I'm trying to detect HFOs in single channel EEG (the recording is multichannel, but there is not enough channels to use ICA) for my diploma thesis experiment and i want to first ...
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Classification of very noisy EMG signals

I'm an absolutely newbie to signal processing. I'm trying to classify EMG signals which are very noisy (decibel values are more than -70 dB in some cases). After applying EMD technique these values ...
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Remove mean EMG

What is the mean of EMG signal? And what's the purpose of removing it?
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best technique to remove noise from bio signal data

I'm still learning about signal processing so sorry if this is an intro problem. I want to remove noise from the following data so I can separate each wave and run analysis on it. The data is sampled ...
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How to remove ECG artifacts from EMG data?

I'm new to signal processing and try to analyze EMG data from pectoralis major and other respiratory muscles. Unfortunately, there are strong ECG artifacts in all recordings and I don't know how to ...
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What does it mean when you zero pad data and why does one do it? [duplicate]

I am struggling to understand what effect zero padding data would have on EMG data. How does it improve the signals? Any help in simple terms that's not too mathematical would be greatly appreciated!
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Estimation of Instantaneous Amplitude

I'm reading a paper on EMG analysis. The formulas are all clear to me, but the paper refers to the signal amplitude as "instantaneous" amplitude. I know what instantaneous mean, but what does it mean ...
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How accurate is Wavelet packet decomposition for emg signals with frequencies from 10 to 40 Hz?

I have an electromyographic signal sampled at a frequency between 10 and 40 Hz in a time window of 300ms. Is wavelet packet decomposition adequate in order to perform features extraction for ...
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What is the best OS for real time signal processing? [closed]

I'm implementing a BCI-Wheel Chair Control System where signal are extracted from the arm into MATLAB -> feature extraction -> classification -> Control signal The delay should be minimal between ...
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Can I compute signal-to-noise ratio on a vector-valued or multi-channel signal?

I have a dataset that contains multiple channels recorded over time (think EEG or EMG), and I'm working on a computational model for this data. When I have a working version of the model, I'd like to ...
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