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Questions tagged [electronic-warfare]

Electronic warfare is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults.

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1 answer

Why is there a dip in this Chebyshev filter response?

I want to build and simulate a 6 GHz, 4th order lumped-element Chebyshev bandpass filter with a maximum passband ripple of 0.1 dB and a bandwidth of 1 GHz, and as I understand it, there should be 3 ...
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1 answer

How can I create a jamming signal for desired frequency?

I am working on GPS interferences and countermeasures. I came across jamming in GPS receivers. So I have a input signal with frequency of 1200 MHz How can I create a jamming signal that can mask ...
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2 answers

Jamming resistance in spread spectrum systems

In direct sequence spread spectrum, which is the basis of CDMA systems, the baseband signal is multiplied with a pseudo noise (PN) sequence which has a high chip rate, thus the resulting modulated ...
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What kind of signal modulation is more resistant to jamming?

I've understood that spread-spectrum type of modulations are more resistant to narrow band jamming, for obvious reasons. What is less obvious is why someone would try to jam for example a cellular ...
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What are the types of noise (FM,AM, MSK modulated) that I can use for jamming GSM signals?

I need to jam GSM signals in-order to prevent mobiles in near-by vicinity from connecting to the BTS. I am employing a noise based jamming strategy. What type of noise will be most appropriate for ...
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Is there a way to protect your signal?

I'm looking for a way to shield or protect produced signal or wave. In mechanics suppose you run the wave in tunnel. Is there a way to do it in transmitting the signals or waves created by mobile ...
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