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BPSK using carriers other than sinusoidal wave

I am currently a student in communications & electronics engineering undergrad working on a small project employing Direct sequence spread spectrum. For simplicity and since I am using TTL level ...
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How to measure process gain of DSSS

I have a replicated a Direct sequence spread spectrum link (schematics taken from ARRL SS handbook) and would like to measure performance characteristics such as process gain. I have 2 questions. I ...
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DSSS spectrum not flat

Why is the PSD of the simulated BPSK/DSSS in AWGN not flat? Here are the simulation parameters: BPSK symbols are randomly generated and are {+1,-1} Spreading factor = 128 Spreading code is a randomly ...
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GNSS : How to analyze and correct the impact of Doppler rate on Acquisition CAF?

Taking GPS L1C/A cold(initial) acquisition as an example. If there is a doppler rate(Hz/sec) on the received signal and GNSS receiver has performed a mixture of coherent and non-coherent integration ...
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