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Direction-of-Arrival estimates clustered at specific angles

I am having an issue which I cannot understand completely. I am working on a simple project where I am testing various algorithms from the family of the Generalised Cross Correlation [GCC] for ...
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Compressed Sensing in DOA processing

I'm trying to apply the compressed sensing theory (CoSaMP algorithm) to the DOA estimation in FMCW ULA (made of 48 elements). In the dechirped signals processing I use a first FFT to solve the range ...
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Expanding cross correlation DOA estimation to n microphones

I need to detect the Direction of Arrival of a speech signal using an 8 microphone array as part of a project I've been working on. Currently, I have a working solution in the 2 microphone case: $$G(\...
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How to apply MUSIC to FMCW radar IF data?

I'm working on target extraction with raw FMCW ADC data. I arranged my received data in an (numADCsamples x numAntennas x numChirpsPerFrame) radar cube. So far I am using range FFT and doppler FFT to ...
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The estimation deviation in specific angles of Circular array DOA in circular harmonic domain

Recently, I study the MUSIC doa in the circular harmonic domain, but I found the estimation results always have a big bias in some specific angles(angles near to 0 or 180 degree), as showing in the ...
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Why MUSIC algorithm fail when the antenna spacing is larger than half wavelength?

I'm studying MUSIC algorithm for far-field DOA estimation. I found that when the antenna spacing $d$ is larger than half wavelength $(\frac{\lambda}{2})$, the algorithm fails and the spatial spectrum ...
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Find similarities between 2 signals

Is there any heuristic method to find metrics, similarities between two signals? I am not talking about correlation.
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