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Questions tagged [diversity]

Diversity, on the receiving side, refers to a radio receiver having multiple "copies" of the received signal, e.g., received on different antennas. On the transmitter side, it refers to having multiple transmit antennas, that it could use to its advantage, e.g., to improve receiver-side reception.

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Can a LMS adaptive filter be adapted for MISO?

How would the LMS equalizer dimensions change for the MISO case? LMS adaptive filters are typically described for equalizing a single input signal, $x(t)$. Can the LMS algorithm be modified in the ...
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Combining Analog Video Signals for Diversity Receiver System

The system I want to build takes an analog video from two receivers (that are receiving from the same transmitter) and then combines the signals using equal gain combining (or maximal gain combining ...
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What is the difference between array gain and diversity gain?

In a multi-antenna system, we often mention diversity gain in fading channels. I am doing simulations with multiple antenna settings at the receiver considering TDLC channel, for example, 1rx, 2rx, ...
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which type of diversity is used by rake receivers?

My question is: Which type of diversity technique is used by the rake receivers? In Bahai, et. al. "Multi-Carrier Digital Communications Theory and Applications of OFDM," Second Edition, ...
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Plotting Theoretical Maximum ratio combining

I am try to plot the maximum ratio combining of BPSK on a Rayleigh fading channel by integration i.e, $$ \bar{P_e} = \int_0^\infty Q(\sqrt{2\gamma})p_\Sigma(\gamma) \ d\gamma $$ but I can't seem to ...
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Maximum Ratio Combining vs. Selection Combining

In literature, I am seeing that MRC almost always works better than SC. Also, in my simulations for Rayleigh and Rician fading channel, I am getting the same results. Could anyone please explain what ...
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Should we use Maximal ratio combining and an equalizer together?

I have confusion on MRC(Maximal Ratio Combining) method which I would like to clarify. An example is where I have 1 transmit antenna and 4 receive antennas. The concept of MRC is to combine all the ...
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Practical diversity combining at receivers (Maximal Ratio Combining & Equal Gain Combining)

I am trying to perform practical diversity combining implemented in GNU Radio by using Ettus N210 USRPs, one as a transmitter and two as receivers. To compare Equal Gain Combining (EGC) and Maximal ...
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Spatial diversity: symbol error probability, upper bound

I am trying to understand the calculation upper bound that is given in book. Edit 1: I added 3,44 Can someone explain to me how to come from (5.5) to (5.7) ?
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