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--Which dither to use for narrowband speech?

The tl;dr What dither algorithm should I use when converting 24/48 mono speech to 8/8? -- I'm truncating and downsampling a 24/48 mono audio source containing only speech to 8/8. I won't be doing any ...
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What order to apply noise shaping and anti-aliasing to an idealized synth

I am trying to write a small synth code that goes something like this, I have an abstract symbolic sound representation, sine/square/saw waves. To generate final sound and make it sound good I thought ...
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Convert filter coefficients at one sample rate to different sample rate

I was doing some research into dithering in audio, and I was always wondering what Audacity's "Shaped" dither was. Well, turns out it's noise shaping, with an FIR filter whose coefficients ...
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Triangular dither - What does it mean to say that an input signal is uncorrelated with the dither

In the oft-cited ADC dithering appnote: Oversampling Techniques using the TMS320C24x Family, it notes under triangular dither: However, this approach requires that ...
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high & low pass correlated dither noise question

I read a pretty cool article the other day: Robert Katz - Dither noise Probability Density Explained. It says that if you have two dice (A and B) that you can roll both dice and then... Re-roll die A ...
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Clarification on how to add the PRN generator?

I have to write code on DDS using DITHERING technique, in which i have to generate a PSUEDO RANDOM SEQUENCE and add that sequence after LUT/before LUT so that spurs are avoided. I have the PRN ...
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Dithering adds harmonic distortion after filtering and upsampling

I have an issue which I wasn't able to solve for a few days. I have implemented a polyphase FIR interpolation filter within an FPGA which does interpolate by a factor of 8 or 16 times. I do accept an ...
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How much will a low/high pass filter reintroduce quantization noise into a dithered signal?

For example, most audio signals are dithered prior to distribution. However, if a low or high pass filter is introduced after dithering or during playback, won't that negate some of the benefits of ...
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2 answers

Why does this image look so bad when dithered with a certain palette?

I'm trying to write software to create a mosaic of one big image made up of a bunch of smaller images. The result is okay, but I think it would be better if I used dithering. My problem is that ...
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Is dithering and noise shaping needed when upsampling an audio signal 8 times (from 44.1kHz to 352.8kHz for example)

The main purpose of upsampling before digital to analog conversion is to move quantization noise far beyond the audible spectrum to be able to filter it out by simple second-order low pass analog ...
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5 answers

Improving Digitization by Adding White Noise Before Oversampling

I was reading a physics book and it said that when digitizing a signal white noise was added to improve the process. I don't understand how this works. Therefore my question is: When digitizing an ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Sound quality with really high sampling rate, but really low bit depth with dithering?

This question is probably more for fun and theory, but how will the sound quality be, if you create a sound with really high sampling rate (like 192kHz) and really low bit depth (e.g. 3bit)? Can you ...
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