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how is the formula of Xss in the numerical method for MATLAB derived?

On pages 193 and 194 of the book 'Control of Power Electronic Converters with Microgrid Applications' by Arindam Ghosh and Firuz Zare (the section can be viewed here), the author derived the steady-...
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Discretizing my continuous system in Matlab

I was hoping someone could help me with conducting my discretization in MATLAB. I have a linear system with known data: sampling interval $T$, system matrix $\mathbf{A}$, input matrix $\mathbf{B}$, ...
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DFT Signal DFT Length N , FFT

If we sample a signal let say sine(2 * pi * f) with f=1Hz and a sampling Frequency of Fs = 8Hz, is it right that the length of the data should be N = Fs/f or multiple of Fs/f like N= d*(Fs/f) with d=...
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Discretize process noise in Kalman filter

Reading P. Andrews et al. I see that it is very common to do the following approximation of the process noise covariance matrix: $$Q_{k} = G_{k-1}QG_{k-1}^{T}\Delta t$$ so that the propagation ...
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